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Stability Testing

Be it lighting systems, traffic lights or floodlight masts on sports grounds,
we are accompanied by lighting masts every day. They light up our streets and sports facilities and regulate traffic.

But how safe are these masts?

They are exposed to a great variety of external factors including heat, cold, road salt and even dog urine. Corrosion takes its course, even in places not visible to the naked eye.

The operators are responsible for ensuring that they operate reliably as part of their duty to ensure road safety. In the event of failure, they can cause considerable material damage or personal injury.

This is something you can prevent.Our LIMAtesttest system, which we developed in cooperation with our partners the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZfP) and the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Saarbrücken, detects corrosion and evaluates its extent.

It calculates the expected remaining service life of the mast. This gives the operator a clear overview of all the vulnerable masts and enables him to calculate maintenance costs for years to come.

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Street lighting masts

We test all the typical designs:

  • Conical masts
  • Cylindrical masts
  • Polygonal masts
  • Old-fashioned lamp posts
  • and many more
Traffic light posts

We test your traffic light posts.

  • Upright masts
  • Cantilever masts
Anchor towers

Anchor towers are used for catenary wires and lighting. We test your towers according to legal requirements:

  • Concrete anchor towers
  • Steel anchor towers
Catenary masts

We test all metric designs:

  • Lattice masts
  • Round masts
  • Flat masts
  • Peiner masts


Floodlight masts

We are experienced in inspecting all standard mast shapes:

  • Round masts
  • Telescopic masts
  • Polygonal masts
  • Stand masts
Lattice masts

We test lattice masts used in all applications for network operators:

  • Low voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • High voltage
Wooden masts

ZWP inspects the stability of wooden masts in these fields of application:

  • Lighting
  • Low voltage
  • Medium voltage
Sign gantries and cantilevers

We inspect engineering structures according to DIN 1076.


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ZWP Anlagenrevision GmbH

ZWP Anlagenrevision GmbH
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66701 Beckingen
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