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This is a problem that is often underestimated.

Both the VDE as well as accident prevention regulations specify that electrical systems,
including floodlight systems, must undergo periodic inspections.

Floodlight Mast Testing

But what about their stability? Owners of masts are obliged to establish whether they comply with the required protective and safety measures, i.e. that they are stable, since they are usually accessible to the general public.


ZWP Anlagenrevision provides these types of inspections using the innovative LIMAtest testing system.

The LIMAtest is based on the EMUS method developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP. EMUS stands for "electromagnetic ultrasound".

  • The method has been accredited as non-destructive according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and is suitable for all types of masts.
  • The mast is not damaged and is not exposed to mechanical stress.
  • The equipment for carrying out the test is kept to such a minimum that the test team only need a car to work with. In some special cases, it is possible to transport the test unit without a vehicle.
  • This means that tests can also be carried out in places where access to masts is restricted, such as steps, sports grounds or parks.
  • Since the EMUS test system reliably detects existing corrosion, the test laboratory can use special software to check each mast's remaining service life for the system operator.
  • On top of the technical inspection, you will receive an as-is report of the complete mast, defects will be reported, and potential refurbishment measures will be recommended in consultation.
HOMAtest - Drilling resistance method for testing wooden masts

It is not rare to find floodlight masts made out of wood. Here it is particularly important to carry out regular safety checks as a natural degradation process takes place over time and is not immediately apparent. The wood starts to rot. HOMAtest is a testing method based on the principle of measuring the drilling resistance.

A drilling needle is inserted into the wood at a constant speed. The energy required for this provides information on the structures, internal damage or the residual wall thickness of the wood. The data can be collected electronically and transferred to a PC using software.


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