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Do you run an infrastructure with power masts?

The stability of these masts is crucial when it comes to the reliability of a supply network. It is also possible to increase the service life of a mast considerably through targeted mast refurbishment. Costs for mast failure and replacement are reduced significantly.

Using our accredited and certified methods, we are able to test the masts listed below:

  • Steel lattice masts
  • Concrete masts
  • Wooden masts

We don't only concentrate on testing the stability of masts, we also develop mast refurbishment concepts for our customers. In other words, when it comes to measures that prolong service life.

The masts are tested and evaluated using the LIMAtest to assess any mast damage caused by corrosion.

If the mast is classified as "to be replaced" after an initial stability test, it is possible to perform a complex calculation to determine the mean corrosion rate.

The mast can, for example, be strengthened by adding a new steel sleeve. This slows down the corrosion rate. As a result, more masts can be refurbished and operational safety extended.

Lösungen + Produkte

This is the area where maximum stress is exerted, as it is exposed to many factors such as road salt, electrical leakage currents and aggressive ground conditions. Any corrosion that may have occurred is not visible to the naked eye at this point. Our LIMAtest

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Wherever wooden masts are used, a high level of safety is required. This is why wooden masts have to undergo stability tests time and time again. The damage is often not visible to the naked eye because it is hidden inside. Weak points occur around the grou

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In the transport infrastructure, prestressed concrete masts have been used extensively for decades for overhead lines for railways and trams. Due to the combination of static and dynamic loads with a partially corrosive chemical environment, ferromagnetic p

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Static Calculation and Documentation
We don’t only provide electromagnetic ultrasonic testing. We provide a static calculation for each mast. The following parameters and others are recorded: Shape of mast Material Wind speed Extensions The operational safety of the mast is.

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