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Pipelines and tank walls in chemical and petrochemical plants

can be affected by corrosion in many areas as a result of exposure to moisture and/or aggressive media. This type of material damage can lead to component failure.



In order to ensure maximum safety in regard to your pipelines, it is essential to regularly check the progress of corrosion. A malfunction can lead to production downtime or cause considerable damage to the environment, property or people. It is difficult to detect and quantitatively evaluate the corrosion damage on these types of system components, but it is essential for ensuring safe operation.

The PipeFlux test method uses a combination of magnetic flux leakage and distortion measurement.

This makes it possible to distinguish between internal and external defects. The error detection limit is < 2mm.

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ZWP Anlagenrevision GmbH

ZWP Anlagenrevision GmbH
Südstraße 1
66701 Beckingen
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